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Meet the Artist:
Jane Brown


Join us for an afternoon coffee as leading photographer Jane Brown joins us to discuss her exhibition Black Ships. Jane is passionate about had printing her photographs and will discuss the techniques she uses and how she is fighting to keep this practice alive.


Sunday, 26 February, 3-4.30pm

Horsham Regional Art Gallery

 FREE entry

Bookings: 5382 9575;


Presented as part of the exhibition Jane Brown: Black Ships
11 February 2017 – 16 April 2017

The Melbourne based photographer Jane Brown has travelled to Japan and returned with the exhibition Black Ships. Through these images Brown dramatises aspects of the physical environment as symbolic gesture – pathways, bridges, walls, wrapping, fences, nature and decay. It references the work of photographers who travelled there in the mid 19th Century and Japan’s 20th Century experience of militarism.

Presented as a travelogue that interrogates the machinations of history, Black Ships also aims to embody surreal aspects of the culture and landscape. More broadly it is an articulation of the curiosity of the traveller, seeking out points of difference from home – the peculiar, the beautiful and the unfamiliar.

Carefully hand-printed in the darkroom the prints are on fibre-based paper and selenium toned. Hand-printing is important to Brown’s practice as she seeks to perpetuate darkroom processes. The materiality and physicality of analogue practice gives the work meaning, placing them in a liminal realm between being images and objects.

A CCP Touring Exhibition.


IMAGE: Jane BROWN, Flame Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, 2015, hand painted, toned, fibre-based, gelatin silver print, 17 x 21cm.  Image courtesy of the artist and Stills Gallery , Sydney.

Event Information


26 February 2017 -
26 February 2017


3 - 4.30pm


Horsham Regional Art Gallery
80 Wilson Street
T: 5382 9575


1.5 hours