Legally Blonde Jnr

Presented by Horsham College

GENRE | Musical Theatre

The Horsham College is proud to present the modern day fairy tale – ‘Legally Blonde Jnr’- in September 2017 at the Horsham Town Hall Theatre.

‘Legally Blonde’ is a romantic comedy revealing the pain suffered by beauty queen Elle Woods when she is written off as too bubbly and beautiful by her boyfriends’ snooty family.  Knocked, but not down for the count, Elle sets out to prove that with determination and hard work, she can develop her intelligence as much as any Harvard Law School student – so she gains entry and excels in her studies!

With her dog Bruiser by her side, Elle shows that it is okay to remain perky, polite and passionate about fashion, while cultivating your intelligence and using it to help others.

This story involves villains and heroes and lots of surprising and entertaining characters in between, with much more pink on display than the audience is ever likely to encounter again!

Following a sell-out season of ‘Hairspray’ in 2016, Horsham College is thrilled to showcase 2017’s team of talented teenagers.

Snaps for our local students!

Event Information


14 September 2017 -
17 September 2017


Thursday 14 September | 7.30pm
Friday 15 September | 7.30pm
Saturday 16 September | 7.30pm
Sunday 17 September |1.00pm


Horsham Town Hall | Theatre


$20 Full
$15 Concession