Horsham Calisthenic College 2017 Annual Competition

GENRE | Dance

The Horsham Calisthenics College is pleased to be hosting the 37th Annual Horsham Country Competition, featuring solo and team performances by competitors from across Victoria and South Australia.

Calisthenics is uniquely Australian and promotes team work, self confidence and friendship.

Team members develop an appreciation for music, dance, acting, strength, flexibility and performance skills. The sport offers something to suit everyone’s ability.

Audiences can expect entertaining routines all put together to music with dazzling costumes. Performers of all age groups will take to the stage over the three-day competition and show off their skills.

The competition will attract hundreds of performers and their families to Horsham for the weekend, giving us a chance to show off our vibrant city.


Event Information


25 August 2017 -
27 August 2017


Friday 25 August
Session 1: 9.00am - 3.50pm
(Calisthenics Solos 8-16 years)
Session 2: 4.10pm - 9.15pm
(Graceful Solos 11-16 years

Saturday 26 August
Session 1: 8.30am - 1.40pm (Sub Junior Teams)
Session 2: 2.10pm - 7:05pm (Junior Teams)
Session 3: 7.35pm to 9.45pm
(Calisthenics & Graceful Solos 17-18+ years)

Sunday 27 August
Session 1: 9.00am to 2.50pm (Intermediate Teams)
Session 2: 3.10pm - 6.30pm (Senior Teams)


Horsham Town Hall Theatre


$18 Adult Session Pass
$80 Adult Weekend Pass
$10 Concession/Child Session Pass
$45 Concession/Child Weekend Pass