Future Memories

Sam Briggs | Baillie Farley| Amy Pilmore | Tiffany Retallik | Simone Dyer|
Jaide Walsh| David Horvat | Emma Schache | Jack Alexander
Josephine Bond |Gerard Natividad | Isabella Moerkerk | Harrison Ptoo|
Maddie Trudel | Kessia Peterson | Kali Roberts


This exhibition is the outcome of the Horsham Regional Art Gallery’s Arts Extension Program funded by the Department of Education and Training’s Strategic Partnerships Program for extending gifted and talented students.


During term 3 the gallery partnered with a professional writer, photographer and graphic designer to enrich the visual arts experience for gifted and talented students in regional and remote schools in our region in the medium of art, design, and writing. This mentor experience with professionals working in the arts, gives our students an opportunity to be involved in an industry more readily available to their urban contemporaries. The program also provides students with the opportunity to have their artwork exhibited in a public forum, extends the content of their folios in VCE subject areas and prepares them for more intense study at a VCE or university level.


Students from Marian College Ararat, Horsham College, Dimboola Memorial Secondary College, St Brigid’s College and Murtoa College participated in the ten week after school program in the area of English, Visual Communication and Design, and Art/Photography in Years 1 – 11.


IMAGE: Baillie FARLEY Deception, 2016, black and white photograph.  Courtesy of the artist.

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19 November 2016 -
05 February 2017


Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm;
Saturday 11am-4.30pm;
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Horsham Regional Art Gallery
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