Fabulous Beasts


Animals that once roamed the Wimmera freely have become subject of legend. Who has heard of the White footed Rabbit-rat or the Pig footed Bandicoot? If you are lucky you might come across a spotted quoll or a brush tailed rock wallaby but you would have to be very lucky, as these creatures are just two in long list of endangered flora and fauna.


Enter the darkened space of the gallery….. to look for these Fabulous Beasts.


A team of creatives led by Natimuk based artists Mary French, created Fabulous Beasts in 2016.  Working with animators Desiree Cross and Hannah French, and film-maker Tracey Rigney, and engaging the Primary school students of Horsham, Dimboola and Edenhope in the process, Mary has produced a series of shy and elusive images to appear and disappear in the darkness. The project explores the artists concerns about our natural environment, what we are losing, and what we have lost.


Originally made and presented as a night projection for the Art is Layers of Time Festival 2016, Fabulous Beasts has been re-visioned for an intimate gallery experience.


We celebrated the professional practice of Mary French and her ongoing dedication to artistic collaboration between community members and artists alike. Fabulous Beasts exemplifies the significant contribution she has made to the art of this region.

Event Information


22 April 2017 -
11 June 2017


Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm;
Saturday 11am-4.30pm;
Sunday 1pm - 4.30pm


Horsham Regional Art Gallery
80 Wilson Street
T: 5382 9575


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