Constructed Narratives

Tracey Moffatt + Bindi Cole Chocka


The artists in Constructed Narratives explore culturally diverse stories of self-determination and identity; they question the perspective of mainstream Australia.  They can provoke the audience to feel uncomfortable and question their relationship to the ideas placed before them. Culture politics is a high stakes game with power at its core. In recognition of this fact many First Nation photographers have successfully utilised humour to great effect as a disarming tactic.

Tracey Moffatt is arguably the most significant Australian photo-media artist working internationally today. As a director of photo-narratives, her formal and stylistic experimentation in film, photography and video reference the history of art and photography, as well as her own childhood memories and fantasies.

Bindi Cole Chocka’s compelling photographs, videos and installations fearlessly approach taboo topics with dignity, humour and compassion, often referencing her life story and experiences in contemporary Australia.

Horsham Regional Art Gallery has been slowly amassing a discrete collection of contemporary indigenous photography.  This exhibition has been made possible through the support of our peers collecting Australian photographic practice at MAMA.

A Horsham Regional Art Gallery Exhibition.


IMAGE: Tracey Moffatt, Something More # 3, 1989, Cibachrome photograph, MAMA collection. Image courtesy of MAMA.

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19 August 2017 -
08 October 2017


Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm;
Saturday 11am-4.30pm;
Sunday 1pm - 4.30pm


Horsham Regional Art Gallery
80 Wilson Street
T: 5382 9575


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