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Con Kroker Memorial Lecture


Michael Gellert is a graduate of RMIT’s photography program and has exhibited extensively in Horsham and Victoria and is currently leading the community in reviving the Horsham Camera Club. Through his professional life as the Business Development Manager at Horsham’s HC Pro, Michael is a master printer on the cutting edge of contemporary commercial printing practices. Yet he can still be found practising the dark arts of traditional hand printing.

Baillie Farley is currently completing his VCE at Horsham College and has over the last two years participated in Horsham Regional Art Gallery’s Youth Photography Program for gifted and talented students. Ballie’s passion and gift for photography saw him win the 2017 Central West Astronomical Society David Malin Astrophotography Award for youth photographers. Baillie’s winning photograph, Emu in the Sky, captured near Taylors Lake south-east of Horsham, features a constellation in the Milky Way known for indigenous cultural significance. He took the photograph ‘on a back road’ shortly after midnight in early autumn.

Michael and Baillie will discuss the technical aspects, equipment used and the method undertaken to capture Ballie’s award winning photographs. Michael will also share with us the different modes of printing that can be achieved to transform digital photographs into objects. Understand how to capture our environment better, pushing the technical aspects of your camera, understanding new opportunities to print or to just celebrate photography in the Wimmera. Join us for Michael Gellert in conversation with Baillie Farley, Sunday 19th November 3 – 4.30pm; Horsham Regional Art Gallery.

Con Kroker Memorial Lecture

We live in a world of remarkable beauty, often so subtle and delicate that it is imperceptible to the human eye. To bring these details to light, Con Kroker framed this view through a camera lens. Born in Horsham in 1910, Conrad Otto Kroker had a lifelong love of photography. Living almost all of his life on the land, the wildlife and the landscape of the Western District became his natural subjects. Kroker received much local and international recognition for his photography before passing away in Horsham on June 17th 1989.

Horsham Regional Art Gallery is delighted to hold this annual memorial lecture event. Speakers details will be announced on our website,


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19 November 2017 -
19 November 2017


3 - 4.30pm


Horsham Regional Art Gallery
80 Wilson Street
T: 5382 9575


1 ½ hours


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