Con Kroker:
Close Up


We live in a world of remarkable beauty, often so subtle and delicate that it is imperceptible to the human eye. To bring these details to light, Con Kroker framed this view through a camera lens. Holding the image in a photographic negative, became short hand for how he experienced, saw and recorded nature close up.


Born in Horsham in 1910, Conrad Otto Kroker had a lifelong love of photography. Living almost all of his life on the land, the wildlife and the landscape of the Western District became his natural subjects.


He was founding president of the Horsham camera Club, and spent 14 years as president of the Horsham Field naturists Club. Kroker’s technical skill with a camera took him to the top of his field. He was awarded the 1945 Kodak Australian Photographic Review Medal for the years 1938-44, for his contribution to the advancement of photography in Australia. By the early 1950’s, with the availability of colour slide film and much improved camera technology, he concentrated on mastering nature `close-up’, capturing the vivid colours and textures of our local flora, fauna and geological landscape. Later with the advent of Cibachrome process (Type-C photographs), he printed many of his slides into coloured photographs. His exhibition Nature in Colour was held at Horsham Regional Art Gallery and Swan Hill Art Gallery in 1977 and at the Halls Gap Flower Show in 1978. He received much local and international recognition for his photography before passing away in Horsham on June 17th 1989.


Horsham Regional Art gallery purchased Con Kroker’s photographic works between 1977-2003 and currently holds an extensive slide collection. This exhibition brings together a curated selection of slides and photographs from this collection.


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22 April 2017 -
11 June 2017


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